Step by step hosting process

I bought a domain from today, I want to host it now in infinity free. I do not know the whole process and I am a beginner. Kindly someone can tell me the whole process step by step.

Hello there,

First of all you will need to set your domain’s nameservers to the following:

Next is you will have to wait up to 24-48 hours until your domain nameservers will fully propagate, once propagated you can now add to your hosting account which you can create one if you haven’t already.

To create a hosting account for your domain, simply login and access the Client Area and click the “Create Account” button and select the “Custom Domain” option for your custom domain from Hostinger and input your custom domain and then click the button “Search Domain”. And next, you will just need to input basic details like what password would you like to use for your hosting account and once done filling up basic additional information then click the button “Create Account” to create your brand new hosting account.

Once your done with the whole process it should take for a few minutes for your account to become active and ready to use and once it’s active you may now refer to this Knowledge Base article:


Ok, any video link is available for this whole process. Please sir.


Thanks alot, after following your instruction i got my infinity free c-panel and adjusted nameserver.
I have one more question i need to install my free SSL certificate how to do this please guide me.


Thank a lot i got my website SSL Certificate. But the validity is only 90 days after that what should i do, how i will get it free. Please guide me.

Thank you.

You need to request a new SSL certificate and install it to renew it.


Thanks for your support. Today when i opening my website it shows error like that.

This site can’t be reached

---- ’s server IP address could not be found.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


what should i do please guide me.

What is your website?
Make sure that your domain nameservers are pointing to infinityfree servers only.

my website name is -

till tommorow my website is running well but today i am facing the problem. I am very upset.

Your domain name is available for purchase which mean that your domain is either suspended by domain registrar or cancelled by you.

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Your domain does not exist, as I checked the WHOIS. The status of the WHOIS for your domain as for now is this:

The queried object does not exist: DOMAIN NOT FOUND

>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2020-07-10T14:23:03.0Z <<<

For more information on Whois status codes, please visit


The Whois and RDAP services are provided by CentralNic, and contain
information pertaining to Internet domain names registered by our
our customers. By using this service you are agreeing (1) not to use any
information presented here for any purpose other than determining
ownership of domain names, (2) not to store or reproduce this data in
any way, (3) not to use any high-volume, automated, electronic processes
to obtain data from this service. Abuse of this service is monitored and
actions in contravention of these terms will result in being permanently
blacklisted. All data is (c) CentralNic Ltd (

Access to the Whois and RDAP services is rate limited. For more
information, visit

Information Updated: 2020-07-10 14:23:03

So it may be expired or suspended. Please renew it or re-register it, or contact your domain registrar to unsuspend the domain, then re-point it to our nameservers in order for your website to work again.


sorry, whatever EPP Status Codes | What Do They Mean, and Why Should I Know? - ICANN or WHOIS database is telling about my domain totally wrong. Now my website is up and its showing. Hows that error comes I don’t know.

name server is also ok.


One thing I also wanted to know. Is I am able to start a live streaming website of youtube videos in this infinity free hosting with the help of wordpress plugins.

Actually it wasn’t wrong. That was the correct problem which was causing your website to show error. Seems like, your registrar lost control over that domain or something might went wrong on their side and in that time phrase i belive anyone will be able to get your domain name.

Until you don’t host video files on free hosting and upload your original content on youtube and embed them on your site, you are fine to go.


Thanks a lot.
I did not know before, that this facility is not available in free hosting, can I move my hosting from infinity free to another service provider. A friend of mine is running a live streaming video website from a custom domain in Blogger very easily with the help of theme and gadget, that too for free.

Thank you again.

No reply. Please suggest to me.
can I move my hosting from infinity free to another service provider? A friend of mine is running a live streaming video website from a custom domain in Blogger very easily with the help of theme and gadget, that too for free.

Thank you again.

Of course you can, you are free to move to a new hosting provider anytime.

Well I wouldn’t be too surprised considering Blogger is owned by Google. Also are you sure that your friend hosted videos directly using Blogger’s servers or maybe he’s probably using an external 3rd party video hosting provider and embedded the video into his site?

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He embedded the video URL into his site? Basically news, tv serial, sports, and etc.(no pirated video) genuine youtube live videos.