Steer clear

If you’re planning on creating any sort of commercial website, steer clear of free web hosting providers like this. Free means your website might just go DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN while your clients wish to browse through your portfolio. Free means your unable to download your htdocs to transfer to another service provider in time. Free means loss of revenue, loss of data and loss of time. Fuck infinityfree.

You can download your htdocs so i don’t see the issue.


Well please watch what you said with your language. And you have to wait for 72 hours for DNS propogation if you didn’t understand. Next, if you used cloudflare, do not change the nameservers.


You can download everything in your htdocs here, and any responsible web master does so to take backups. If you didn’t do so, that’s your fault.


All things you mentioned was happened to me, but i solved them myself by my patience. Be sure to give users more info about what errors do you get, they know how to help you.
Please be patience, premium is better than free host because you’ve to pay for it. When you’ve problem with your site, you can ask here instead of being concerned.


The internet is a complex beast and a dangerous place. Issues happen. With any provider, at any price point.

Your website went down because of what appears to be an outage at the provider who provides the anti DDoS service for our nameservers. So, ironically, the provider who is supposed to prevent our nameservers from going down caused our nameservers to go down.

This has been a very shitty situation. For you, for me, for them, for everyone hosting their website with us and all of their visitors. We never wanted this to happen and hate that it did.

But please understand that this is not a result of us being sloppy or even intentionally trying to harm your website. I’m not going to ask you to approve of this outage, but I would like to ask you for a bit of understanding that we are just as much a victim of this issue as you are.

Always. Keep. Your. Own. Backups. No matter where you host your site and no matter how much you pay them to do so. Due to error or malice, you can lose data. Always keep your own backups.

Free hosting is for hobbyists, students and people just looking to test stuff. Serious businesses who care about their online presence should invest, at least a little bit, in proper hosting to keep that presence online. Free hosting providers provide their service under a best effort basis, and can go down and/or lose your data for many reasons.

InfinityFree is a free hosting service. So all of the above applies to us, just like it applies to any other free hosting provider.


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