Start error

I am not able to access my web site directly by givng the name of the portal
but if i am giving it is working

now i uploaded a new file it is also not working
please guide

Hi there,

Have you tried clearing your browser cache and revisit your site once you cleared your cache?

Also you can do the following (creating a .htaccess rule to force a page to be your homepage) if the issue is persistent:

  1. Create a .htaccess file if there isn’t already one on your site directory

  2. Paste the following rule into your .htaccess file
    DirectoryIndex index.php
    You can change the index.php to any file that you want to be as your default homepage.

  3. Click Save

If it still does not work please let us know.


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index.php & index.html will always (if found) be forced as the homepage. Your root domain, seems to have a index.html in place (the one that is loading up). This is probably why it is conflicting with the index.php file.


Yes I know about that, but he didn’t gave any information about whether he deleted the default index.html so I was assuming that it was already deleted but yep you are correct, I hope yours helps this issue!

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