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Hi Everyone,

I purchased an SSL Certificate from the Namecheap partner (a reputable company). I have gone to htdocs created the .well-known folder then within this folder created the pki-validation folder (as per Namecheaps instructions) and uploaded the SSL Certificate, however it is being blocked for some reason.

Has anyone successfully installed an SSL Certificate on their InfinityFree website?



Web based domain verification is not supported on InfinityFree. That’s also the reason why you can’t use Let’s Encrypt (and derivatives) here.

Does Namecheap provider any other domain verification methods? Like using email or a CNAME DNS record? If so, you could try that instead.

Hi There,

Thanks for your email. I use email verification, I was sent the Certificate via email, have downloaded it and opened it in Notepad. I copied the text and pasted it into the certificate area the clicked ‘upload certificate’ I am receiving an error saying ‘The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name’ although I purchased the certificate for this domain? Not too sure what I am doing wrong?



So I have uploaded my certificate this time and I am receiving no errors (private key uploaded and certificate uploaded), however Namecheap are still not picking up the SSL as being installed. I have confirmed domain ownership via email method they have provided me with the private key and certificate I have uploaded everything necessary but the SSL still doesn’t install. My domain is is there any reason why it may not work?


it looks good to me
only problem is that you have mixed content

Please make sure your website is fully configured to use HTTPS URLs. If your website supports HTTPS, it should use HTTPS

make sure you update your Website URL in the WordPress settings first.

without www in your case

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