First of all, I LOVE this hosting company, I mean unlimited subdomains for your domains, bandwith, …
But there is one thing I tried in al hosting companies, but failed, I try to get a SSL-Certificate for my website for free, or is the easiest way to do that but I see in the forum that the website does not support it, can it be fixed or it or is there some way to do that? Please, the other companies want me to pay for adding a ssl certificate. And if it doesn’t work, is there an alarnitive for or
Please help me,
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i don`t know about the site you mentioned but in you have cloudfare,with cloudfare enabled you will get load balancing,your site will get multiple cluster from various region of world supported by cloudfare and a free ssl certificate.You can enable this by going to your hosting cpanel,then navigate to software,select cloudfare,check your domain,set alter cloudfare and enable it. uses Let’s Encrypt, which is not supported here because it clashes with the bot protection system. You’ll need to upgrade your account to use Let’s Encrypt (on XVHOST, Let’s Encrypt is integrated into cPanel so you can issue certificates in one click which will be auto-renewed as well).

Certificate issues which use e-mail verification are fine though (just be sure to use an e-mail address which you can actually receive e-mail on).