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the domain is:

I configured Cloudflare, add cname has requested on sslforfree, i uploaded the keys on infinityfree panel… on sslforfree panel says thats everything is fine… but cant get padlock or even access the website…

Could u tell me what i am doin wrong?

Try not to use the Full Mode from the Cloudflare dashboard.

and you must remove the CNAME since that you are using Cloudflare.

And question, where did you enabled the cloudflare, by using the Alter Cloudflare?

Why on earth would you use We provide free SSL certificates for an unlimited number of domains with unlimited renewals right through our client area.


@Admin my certificate which i am using from the client area is valid from 5-6-2020 till 3-9-2020 will this certificate auto renew or do i have to do manually?

You’ve to do it manually.


If you use the tool from the client area, then you can get free unlimited renewals, and no-hassle.

But is padlocked?

yes, having ssl can make your website have a padlock key and looks pro!

I disabled i pointed the dns to epizy ns1 and ns2… waiting for dns propagation…
later what? on wordpress force https? just that??
do i need to generate new certificate via infinity panel? Because before i used sslforfree keys…

thanks katufo

based on your ‘topic title’, you don’t need to generate a new certificate via infinityfree panel if you use or you want to use Cloudflare, so what you just need to do is to point your domain to cloudflare nameservers and wait for an hour to have a SSL padlock, and then reinstall wordpress with https://

if you want to use the infinityfree tool to have am ssl certificate, then please read this support knowledge base:

But what should i do on this step?
Copy the CSR text, and send it to your SSL certificate vendor. ?
and to my vendor? I dont have it

ok lets forget ssl certificate from infinity free… i back to dns of cloudfare…
i will wait to dns propagation thing

If you want to get an SSL certificate from us, then we are the SSL vendor. But we don’t use your CSR, we generate a new private key for you.

Basically, you should follow the instructions in the client area first. Once you got the certifcate there, you can use the “If you already have a private key” instructions from the article.


Admin, so, u tell me that is free, and now u are the vendor…

i dont care what appears on details of the certificate, i only want the padlock :stuck_out_tongue:

The term “vendor” in this case should just be considered to be another word for provider. Most SSL certificate providers charge money, but some (like us) don’t.

So, contrary to the terminology, you can get free SSL on a free domain on free hosting, and get the padlock for free.

Just start from the Free SSL Certiifcates tool in the client area and follow the instructions there.


i gonna try to use the cloudflare… to see if works…

Thanks for the free hosting!! but really cpu overload quickly…

You can follow my quick guide tho.

That just depends on what you’ve got on your website. If you’ve got too much php scripts or something similar, the CPU will obviously overload quickly. If you’re using wordpress, than I suggest you take these useful steps from @JavesPotato.

in theory, u will be able to use just the wordpress system without any experience of having it…
Worpdress is recognized by those beauty themes ands plugins…