Hi infinityfree support

I would like to Ask if there is any problem with zérossl certificate i installed it in 2 websites and they both got broken After installing it ( i mean when i search using https) it works fine with http
Websites names :
Pls if anyone knows a solution tell me

Sorry if this is off-topic, but file storage/sharing is not allowed here.


About your issue from up2earn:
It looks like it is using mixed content, which some browsers can block (like my Firefox installation).
It also looks like up2earn uses yetishare, and by searching their Knowledge Base, I found this:

Can you try the steps above?
Also, as akshayan said:

Same issue aplies with hstia, for that you can try forcing https (for that you can see our Documentation)

One peculiar thing about hstia is the template. I found the exact template for $45 on Envato and I also found it on a Nulled PHP Scripts website.
Link shorteners are not recommended, and using nulled scripts (if you did not pay for it) are not allowed here on InfinityFree.


Adding on to that, the up2earn template is $99. It may be not paid for as well.


M using wasabi as storage sir no need to worry

Nah sir everything is paid m a cybersecurity Engineer and i already know that using a nulled script cannot only harm me but it will also harm m’y users so dont worry as well everything is paid and legal and i

Thanks everyone for you’re help <3 everything is fixed !!

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