New here; just last night (PST) I did this. At the time, the table told me which one could be renewed without re-installing one from scratch, that made my decision easier for sure. I ended up reloading the CNAME page after it said Not ready for an hour, and it was ready then. Definitely knew immediately when the certificate was issued. Did all this so my WordPress install would be SSL ready from the get go, and it all worked out well. So far I’m quite impressed by the quality of everything here. Yes, any free hosting sounds like a good value. But in reality, free hosting that eats up hours of time and performs poorly is really a bad value.

I would like to know if I’m completely OK to add 2 more domains (for a total of 3 separate domains and installs) to my account though; the documentation isn’t crystal clear on this (it kind of sounds like 3 is the max, but maybe 2 huge resource hogs would also get one cut off). I’m mostly going to experiment with another blog (one that’s not my professional presence) and an ecommerce site (Starving Artist may be a noble pursuit, but I still have bills to pay). So all my sites will be light on resource use. Unless I suddenly become famous, in which case I’ll want to upgrade anyway. :slight_smile:

I am surprised there’s not a whole lot more activity in the forums; I’d expect a quality free hosting service like this would have zillions of users. I’m not new to website development, have had a few hosting accounts over the years (retired and a bit rusty now). So far InfinityFree is very much exceeding my expectations.


So you can have three accounts total. You can add unlimited domains to each account, however all domains on one account share resources. So if you have 4 domains on one account, they all share the same server power, and you will get suspended faster than if you only had one domain on that account.

Since you are using WordPress, do not put more than one installation per account. Since you are allowed three accounts total, you can create 3 WordPress websites, just make sure each is on its own account. (The reason is because WordPress is heavy software, and having multiple installations on one account will get you suspended quite quickly.)

Considering there are only about 3 billion people on earth, I don’t think that’s possible :thinking:

Also, most people who host here don’t have any issues, so they have no reason to stop by!

If you need any clarification or have questions, let us know! So many things change so quickly, you may need to catch back up. Your background knowledge will certainly help you though.

That’s so good to hear :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. You’ve clarified a lot already! I was think ‘account’ as my main one here, didn’t realize I had 3 accounts already included in that. I have 2 other domains (just updated nameservers on them) and so will just have one domain/site per account. It’s been over 10 years since I did anything even remotely technical, but it’s better than starting from scratch I guess. And so far InfinityFree is awesome; way better than I ever expected, and I’m pretty sure way better than most freebies.

I am considering ways to monetize online, definitely on a shoestring. And dropshipping sounds promising. I only mention dropshipping because it seems like it’s truly do-able on a shoestring. But I’m open to other avenues; certainly whatever has the best $ return on my time per hour, but also what may be more enjoyable is big factor too. So if you know of any quality learning resources for this, please let me know. The quality of the google results for this are generally so generic (blog, youtube, affiliate, influencer, get a job) or insane/slanted (how I made $500k in one month via ______ ) that it’s frustrating. I definitely am going to develop a lot more boolean skills if I’m going to pursue making money online, just to filter out the noise and find quality current knowledge resources on this subject.

Yep, that’s one of the few things I think need to be a bit more clear.

For making money, do what you love! If you are knowledgeable on a topic, blog about it, and place ads on the posts. If you make things, create a shop. Those YT vids are annoying for sure :slight_smile:

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