I cannot create request new ssl certificate. I am creating in CNAME with this |Source||
| — | — |
|Current Destination||

but not working. Please, help me

I’m sorry, but you didn’t.

The Current Destination shown is accurate: the record points to, but it should point to

So please login to your DNS provider (Freenom currently) and add the CNAME records as shown in the client area.

If that doesn’t work, can you please share a screenshot of Freenom’s DNS panel where it shows you how you setup the CNAME records?


I thought I had to do this in the CNAME of the Infinity control panel. So is it on Freenom?I thought I had to do this in the CNAME of the Infinity control panel. So is it on Freenom?

The strange thing is that I’m not finding this on Freenom. I thought I had to do this setting in the CNAME of the Infinity panel.

In the CNAME area of Infinity is this. I contacted Freenom support because I can’t find the domain in the records

I think I found the error. I wouldn’t have to choose in the domain box which is what you have?

Looking at the nameserver information shown in the client area, that makes sense:

We did not detect any nameservers on your domain name.

Please make sure that your domain name is active and set up correctly with the registrar.

If you also don’t see the domain in Freenom’s panel, then most likely you just don’t have the domain name anymore. And of course you can’t setup DNS records or SSL certificates on a domain you don’t own.

So please try to re-register the domain from Freenom and point it to our nameservers.

This is also not correct. Once your domain name is pointing to our nameservers, the information shown in the client area will change slightly, and will show the exact values you need to enter in each field.

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It’s very weird. Last time it worked to generate a new certificate by InfinityFree but now it’s so difficult. The strange thing is that the domain does not appear in my Freenom account. I’m very confused. There is no way to solve this by cpanel? Do I have to change the domain?

The issue is with Freenom, not IF. You may have to “Buy” the domain from Freenom again


Thanks. Understand. But it is very strange that the domain is gone from Freenom. Strange. But still can’t access my site without ssl? Looks like it’s down.

Because it doesn’t exsist. You need to solve this issue with Freenom.


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