Do I need to update ssl for infinityfree again for host change?

I have a certificate I created before because

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Please be clear your question is not clear

now i migrated the host service today.

Is there anything I should do here with sll

Means you migrated to another Service?


Okay, so why use your old Certificate get new from Zero SSL or from Cloudflare

ZeroSSL doesn’t work properlly with this hosting. Cloudflare SSL Certs are not compatible with this hosting.

You need to use the Free SSL Tool provided by InfinityFree.

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I think he migrated to another host

ok then only 72 hours to be active

I just moved because

I’ll remove the old then I

And then

I removed the old sll now it constantly redirects to another domain: D

what should I do

Quick question: why do you seek support from us while you’ve migrated to somewhere else?


the problem is fixed :slight_smile:

MErhaba ibrahim infinityfree torrent icin kullanilamaz

sebeb? merhaba bu arada

Eger kullanim politikasini okuduysan anlayabilirdin

istenmeyen veya yetkisiz reklamlar için o.tamamen reklamlar kısıtlı değil yanlış anlamışssın sen :slight_smile:

daha önceden ben 6 ay kullandım bu servisi :smiley:

Hayir torrent scriptleri not allowed yaani izin verilmiyor lutfen kullanim kurallarina uyalim