I have recently registered a new free website ( which is under development - not complete although it exists enough to start!
I would very much like it to load as “secure” otherwise many people would not click on any of its links.
I understand that I need to obtain and upload a SSL certificate. However, how do I get one? The infinityFree tool to make an SSL refused to accept either my full website name, nor just What am I doing wrong?

SSL certificates can’t be obtained nor installed on subdomains of the free hosting platform.

Thanks. A pity.
Have you any suggestion? I would like a small secure website at minimum cost. An upfront affordable cost would be fine, but I am not keen on monthly outgoings.

Note that you may in some cases be able to upload an SSL certificate anyways through the control panel. You can check it for yourself to be sure.

But the main challenge is getting the SSL certificate. We provide free SSL certificates ourselves, but due to restrictions at Let’s Encrypt, we can’t do that for free subdomains. You may be able to find another SSL vendor to provide you with a certificate instead, but I don’t know of any free ones who can do that.

If you’re willing to pay $10 per year for an SSL certificate, you get a lot more options, but for the same amount of money you can also buy your own domain name.


use freenom then free ssl tool (i recommend)

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