I am trying to set up secured with an SSL certificate on your site “” when using a boot like sslforfree or other devices to get certificates from Let’s Encrypt failed through Bot Protection InfinityFree has shared. The SSL free space you are retrieving using the DNS CNAME record, once all the requirements are met, the certificate is still not active.
Do you have someone experienced and someone else to do it?

I proceeded by:

  1. Generated in the cpanel CRT and private key
  2. I filled out the form from SSL space
  3. I filled out the contents of the last CA field in the cpanel that was changing Free SSL Space

The confusion is in creating a CNAME record where I’m not sure what field the data will come in. Nothing thinks he would show them that he couldn’t finish without looking at DNS.

And when filling in their data in cpanel, they may not require rewriting or using their data fields.

I’m using free version

Hi there.
Use cloudflare. Activate Cloudflare in Cpanel. Then go to cloudflare website and log in with your email you use on infinityfree and your FTP server password.
In cloudflare, press SSL/TLS. There you can find SSL option. It’s free.


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