SSL Warning

Is there an issue with my SSL certificate? I see this sometimes. :point_down:t2:

It is working fine for me. Did you recently put a new SSL cert on your site? if so, try clearing the cache and it should work.


I cleared my cache earlier today. I got this warning afterwards.

Did the cert actually expire?
I have never got these type of warnings when I have done nothing to SSL. I only get them after a cert has expired and i put a new one.

How often?

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I installed it about a month ago. But it’s the only one I’ve ever installed.

How long is it valid for? I can’t check, because your site just redirects to your homepage.

Until the 7th of December.

The certificate is working for me, but since the page just redirects back to your homepage, is one really necessary? (Or is the subdomain used for other things as well?) Also, some mobile browsers are more picky about SSL certs now, so that may also be the issue.

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I host over 200 files and over 50 folders from that subdomain. I use it more than you might assume. I have an index.html redirect in the top level folder which is why you’re being redirected — mainly so people can’t snoop, and I prefer it to go to my homepage instead of showing a directory.

All of my error pages are configured in cPanel to redirect to my homepage too. If I have the option to change where an error page goes to, I will always choose my homepage. I prefer that instead of a 404 page.

That said, I did code a 404 page to get me started with HTML. I don’t think it’s half bad for a first attempt. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, I can see why you need that than! What SSL provider are you using?

Let’s Encrypt.

Looking at, your site has some TLS vulnerabilities. See this: (then tick “check for common vulnerabilities”).

Let’s Encrypt’s original CA, the “DST Root CA X3” expires tomorrow (9/30/2021), so that could cause an issue.

It’s already the 30th here. It just passed midnight. What should I do?

Hum, I do not know what you can do! Maybe a new issuer?
Are you in the BST time zone?

For me (America/New_York), the CA expires tomorrow (9/30/2021) at 10:01:15 AM.
For you, it should expire today at 3:00 pm. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Please read:



Thank you. :blush:

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You are welcome! I hope this helps.


I’ve switched it over to ZeroSSL.

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