SSL verschlüsselung und Dateien über 10 MB.


I want to build a website through which I offer online courses. I’ve got 2 problems that I can’t solve.

  1. For this I need the plugin Digimember in Wordpress. However, you can’t upload data over 10MB and I can’t upload the plugin.

  2. The website must also be SSL encrypted. So an HTTPS page. I’ve already tried to do something in the instructions at: How to force all traffic to HTTPS but I can’t get along with the instructions. I’m not an IT professional. I don’t know what CNAME or DNS or SSL means. Can someone explain this to me step by step? The instructions all seem to be for IT professionals only. But I don’t know when to click where or where to enter what.

The instructions are like a building plan that only states that the toilet is where the toilet is, but not in which corridor and which floor.
An exact instruction when you have to do something wi would be really great here.

Thanks very much

Probably because you were reading the wrong article :slight_smile:

As for the plugin, try installing it manually, but be sure to unzip the zip file on your computer, then upload the resulting folder and files.


Can someone explain this to me step by step?
From point 3 I don’t understand anything. When do I have to click where? On which page (please with a link) do I have to enter what and where?

In the article is a link which goes to a detailed article on how to add the CNAME records, which tells you what to enter where.


So now I’m at point 3. If I click on upload, the error message The key can not be blank, if you do not have a key allready, please use the option ‘Generate Key / CSR’
Also, there was no step where I should download something.

Ask for a decent guide that you can understand.

Where? If you cannot show where you are stuck, no one can help you


That’s how it looks to me.

According to the instructions I should click on the button and then the error message came.

I don’t know what to upload either. There were no instructions to download anything.

The key you need to upload is the key you can find in the client area.

This article goes in more detail as to how to install an SSL certificate (which is also linked from the main HTTPS article):

The private key and certificate can all be found if you click Install next to your issued certificate in the client area.

Actually, I just checked the status of your SSL order. It seems the certificate order is still being processed by ZeroSSL. Please wait for that to be completed first, because you can’t install an SSL certificate that hasn’t been created yet.


It’s not working. When I click on the “Customer area” link, I only get a 404 page.

The link on the guide is outdated, this is the link:


I was already on the side a few steps ago. How can you download something there?

Where do I have to click now to download something exactly?


What can I do now please?

You will need to create a new certificate because the one you already created failed. Try watching the video below. If you get stuck, provide the time stamp so we can better assist you.

This has just been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out!


When I click on the link I get this error message

You need to create a new certificate, your old one failed.


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