SSL Verification Problem

I am trying to verify my domain for SSL Certificate on, but I am facing problem methods of verifying the certificate.

Option is to change CNAME records.
While change the CNAME from the cPanel, it is adding the extra “.” at the end of the records as shown in the photo below. Is that causing the problem? If yes, can someone from the technical team fix it?


I don’t know why ZeroSSL doesn’t work. But know that you can still use our SSL Certificates tool. That way, we can actually support you, which we can’t do if you use some external tool which we clearly state does not work with our hosting.

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Hey there! To solve this issue, you need to disconnect first your nameservers to the InfinityFree. If your domain registrar supports DNS Records (like A, CNAME, TXT), you need to setup there temporarily. ZeroSSL just like Lets Encrypt has many verification methods that is blocked by InfinityFree due to security purposes. The only thing you could was to verify it through “TXT” record in domain registrars. Just follow the onboard instructions in ZeroSSL. After the verification, you could now set again the InfinityFree nameservers to the domain and install the certificate.
This is based on my experience

If none works, you could do the Lets Encrypt manual SSL certificate creation at

Happy Coding. Hope this was helpful.

Or just use our SSL Certificates tool, which is much less involved.

Can someone please tell me why people tend to completely ignore this option and insist they have to jump through many, many hoops to get external tools to work? Why would you willingly expose other people to that kind of trouble when there is a much easier alternative available?


Sorry, @Admin, I didn’t even know that you have your own ssl certificate tool. I am very sorry. However, the tool I give can enhanced their coding skills and somehow, it gives them information how to create their own ssl certificate that applies to the InfinityFree and even to their own local servers(if they have). Sorry.

There is a link with the text “SSL Certificates” in the main menu of the client area. Did you overlook that? Or just not assumed that it was an actual, working SSL Certificates tool?

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