SSL Verification Doesn't workq

I bought an SSL outside of Infinityfree service, but it always fails to verify DNS and issue the certificate. I contacted the SSL provider, and they said I need to ask Infinityfree to help with the verification because the received CNAME data is not correct. Please help me.


However, they are checking it against the wrong value which should be:


This is because the DNS nameserver configuration is done outside of their service.

Have you tried the SSL tool in the client area?

Yes of course

You didnt add any cname record’s,
Add the it in the control panel

If you check the list of CNAME records in the control panel, it’s quite easy to see why the current record doesn’t work:

The CNAME name is obviously not the same as

Please delete this record and create a new one, this time with only the part before in the Record Name field. As the domain selector in the row implies: your domain name is added automatically.


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