SSL Validation keeps flickering?

So I made a website and tried to get the SSL and as soon as I entered the DNS, I waited a bit and it said Ready, so I didn’t change anything and went to YouTube to wait and I wonder why it’s taking so long, just to realize that the DNS broke. I don’t delete the CName but try to add again and says already exists so there were no typos… but why the SSL tool broke?

I don’t think anything “broke” in this case. It’s just that DNS cache can be fickle.

What I think happened here is that our validation tool checks Google’s resolvers ( and for the CNAME records. It picks one of those two at random. It’s possible that one of the two returned the new CNAME record and the other one didn’t.

If you’ve double checked the CNAME records in either the control panel or at your own DNS provider, just have patience and it will fix itself automatically. If you are using GoGetSSL, you can just wait for the email notification that the certificate has been issued.


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