SSL unverified in some browsers

Username: epiz_22004826


Error: My SSL certified site appears to only be so in Firefox and Chromium, in other browsers like w3m, tor, and kde I get an warning/error that the certificate is invalid.

w3m error: "unable to get local issuer certificate: accept? y/n

Accept unsecure SSL session: unverified: unable to get local issuer certificate"
^ And then (after the javascript warning) it won’t load the site at all.

Other Information:
In chromium and firefox my website appears to be SSL verified, but when I try a console based web client like “w3m” it says the above error, whereas the browser Tor and KDE simply says the SSL certificate is not verified.

I also just successfully updated my SSL certificate today, however the above issue is still the same - however, I now have “2 active certificates” listed for my domain in the account SSL settings- am I supposed to ‘revoke’ the older the one that’ll expire in a week or so? Will that actually fix the whole problem maybe, or I don’t need to mess with this option? Anyway, asking here first!

Try using Cloudflare for SSL


The reason you get these errors is because the SSL setup in the hosting platform is incomplete. Most browsers work just fine with it, but some browsers need the so-called CA Chain to be installed, which our panel doesn’t support.

So using Cloudflare is probably the best way to work around this.


Thank you guys - TigerMANEK426 and Admin! Switching to Cloudflare solved the problem (my site now says SSL verified in all the tested browsers: w3m, konqueror, and tor (and of course in ff and chromium). Thanks again! =)


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