SSL Tool randomly changes status

My website URL is:

When i try to create a SSL Certificate for my domain, it randomly says “Ready” and “Not Ready” under status.

I already added all i should to CNAME in Control Panel. Every time i hit “Refresh DNS Status”, it changes randomly the status.

You need to wait at least 24 hours after changing the DNS records before the DNS status can at least “stabilize” itself.

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@Ergastolator1 I added the CNAME records yesterday, like 22/23 hours

I checked your domain’s nameservers, and they are not configured very well.

First of all, you should choose either nameservers or nameservers. Don’t mix the sets of nameservers, they won’t help your website.

For the purpose of free SSL, I would highly recommend to only use nameservers. There are some known issues with the nameservers which may lead to failed certificates too. The nameservers are configured to mitigate this.

So keep the nameservers, remove the nameservers, wait a few hours, and then try again.

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it’s fixed now, but i also used and dns search tool and it has mixed nameservers, but in my registrar, i only have ones, idk what’s going on there…

Maybe you could ask your domain provider about that? I can’t even see what’s in your registrar panel, let alone that I can explain any difference between your actual DNS settings and what’s in that panel.

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