SSL support Private Key cipher

Which type SSL private key support infinityfree?
Des3,aes192 etc. I have private key that is format in aes192 ,your system isnot support this error (the private key is not valid

RSA 2048 private keys are supported on free hosting. AES192 is not a encryption method supported on free hosting as Private Keys.

Can rsa 2048 is secure for website?
Can i create own ssl certificate with csr run in infinityfree.

RSA 2048 is secure for a website. You need to use a CSR and a private key with a CA (Certificate Authority) that creates a certificate, and you then need to paste the certificate for your domain on the “Certificate” field and click on “Upload Certificate”.

Thanks for helping, can i create ev ssl and upload it.

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You can buy an EV SSL from Sectigo and upload it without problems.

I’m sorry, but how do you have an AES 192 private key? Isn’t AES is an encryption cipher? SSL private keys just use RSA, without any encryption. These keys are subsequently used for encryption, but are not encrypted themselves.

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