Ssl still pending


I am creating a ssl for my sub domain.

Do you know how much time it can stay on pending?

Thank you

Does it say your CNAME records are ready? If not, then you need to make sure those are set up first.

If you know the CNAME records are set up correctly but the record check says the CNAME record is not ready, it’s possible you may need to wait for DNS cache/propagation. That can take up to a few hours.

Once the CNAME check goes ready, it shouldn’t take a long time for the certificate to be issued. Usually it’s less than 10 minutes or so, but it can take longer.

In any case, I’ve checked your certificates and see the GoGetSSL you ordered have been issued, and your Google Trust certificate is ready to be ordered, so you can click the Request Certificate button and have it in a minute.


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