SSL showing as verified but 0 active

I have carried out the DNS Cname procedures and the certificates show as verified but are not active, I understand DNS can take 24hrs to run through changes, but wondered if I am required to do any more to activate the certs as found the page some what uninformative.

I found the sites migration came very smooth the database I had up and running in seconds, but having a problem connecting with ftp, I have used dreamweaver for many years now and never had this problem before

Note on all other connection settings it shows normal type connection errors

Hello there

While I’m not sure but I think you mixed up the server name with the server address, the Server Name is what you want to name of the FTP server should be and the FTP address should be

You might want to refer to this Knowledge Base article as well:



The server is the hosting site and the address is the address of the domain

Thanks for the reply

Then you might want to check that Knowledge Base article I sent to you.

I would guess the “FTP Address” is the FTP hostname. That should be, not your website URL.


Yes it is I know, took @UnknownLolz advise and was successful, just need to sort SSL now

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