SSL Setup problem


I get this problem always… I tried like 10+ times but its always non-working…

"SSL certificate error: Your domain’s nameservers didn’t respond correctly. Please make sure you are only using and ns2 epizy com nameservers (not
Its only ns1-ns2 epizy com

The other error is this:
SSL certificate error: The provider returned an unknown error. Please try again later.

I get mostly error 1, but this happened 3 times now (The second error)

Why ? :slight_smile:

Well, you need to provide more info.
Fill up according to template.
What is the url?


On which domain name do you experience this issue and which SSL provider(s) did you try?

The error messages would suggest a DNS problem on your domain, but it’s impossible to say for certain with just the error message.


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