SSL revoke and new certificate issues

What I’m seeing is:
I currently have 3 certificates visible, 1 revoked, 1 expired, and 1 that says it has a future expiration date in summary but detail shows a previous expiration date. When users attempt to connect securely they either get a Revoked or no SSL error.
From : SSL Certificates link

I can’t add another SSL cert or revoke the 3rd erroneous cert. Please assist in how to get HTTPS users back.

My website URL is:

**I’m using this software: any browser / OS except some MS Win10/Edge?

Thanks for the views - anybody have any ideas to try?? Thanks!

Welcome @Mark_K :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had two SSL certificates active at one time before, I received notice the first one was due to expire in 30 days, I wanted to avoid any problems so I ‘renewed’ it early. It’s not a renewal, essentially you get a new certificate, that’s how ended up with two active certificates at the same time. There was no problems adding the second one. When the first one’s expiration date came, it just disappeared, I didn’t have anything like what you’re experiencing.

Maybe the revoked certificate is causing the problem, and I wonder why you still show the one that’s expired, as I said mine just disappeared off the page leaving one active certificate. Hopefully somebody that knows more than I do will come along and answer your question.


Steve, thanks for the reply. Do you know if there is a limit to the number of SSL certs that can show under the InfinityFree page? And yes, good question on why my expired is not going away. Is there another way to do a request other than the Request button on this page? I appreciate the feedback on your experience.

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The expiration date shown on the certificate detail page is incorrect, the one shown on the domain overview page is correct. This is a bug in the panel, but it’s easy to fix, so I’m going to get on that right away.

I see you installed this certificate on your domain as well, and it’s valid until June, so everything seems OK.

Your expired and revoked certificates will be shown in the list for one month to show you what happened to these certificates. After that, they will be removed.


@Admin thank you for investigating this issue. Are you able to load my site over https? I am not able to make a secure connection.

@Admin - I was just able to request and generate a new certificate and save it. All is working securely again. Thank you.


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