SSL requires "www." before CNAME entry, but it's not an option in the panel


I’m trying to add SSL through the new feature added to Infinity Free, and I’m given two CNAME records to add to my website through the panel. One record is the and the other is for

The problem I’m having is that, in the drop down menu to pick which record to add in the epizy panel, I’m only given the option for and not

This is preventing me from going to any further steps in the SSL process. How can I fix this?

You need to put the text from the Record Name field in the client area in the Record Name field in control panel and select the right domain name.

As you can see in the client area, the CNAME record for the www subdomain says you should put _acme-challenge.www in the Record Name field, and select your domain name without www in the Domain column.

Can you please try copying the values from the client area exactly as they are shown in the client?

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I did that and it worked. I guess there was a big UI update? Before it wasn’t working, but now it did. Thank you.

The SSL certificates page was updated a few weeks ago, with an interface which should make the process more clear, as well as some technical cleanup. However, this release went quite badly, as we announced here:

The DNS records table was misleading before, but was already fixed before your post.

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