SSL Renewal Problem


Installed SSL certificate expired

Cannot install new SSL certificate as the expired certificate is preventing the new installation.

How can I remove the expired certificate or override the expired certificate?

You have to install the new SSL certificate once you order it.


Thank you for responding! It is much appreciated!

I have the new certificate and have verified it via cname – the issue is that when I try to install it, the automatic process still detects (and associates) the old expired certificate with the new one as shown with the screen grab.

How can I completely remove the old expired certificate or access the script to fix the error correction routine?

Go to the main Client Area and select the account that holds the domain. Then, click Control Panel → SSL/TLS → find the domain, click Configure → click Delete Certificate → highlight everything in the first box and type Ctrl + A (or on mac Cmd + A ) then paste in the new Private Key → click Upload Key → Paste in new certificate in the last box → click Upload Certificate.


Thank you! I copied the private key and certificate manually and it worked!

I should have just ignored the “install” button and gone down the manual route in the first place; I was just being lazy and wanted the “install” button to work.

Anyway, thanks again!

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The Install button doesn’t install the certificate. It takes you to the page you were at displaying your Private Key and Certificate (yes, it does seem a bit misleading). I know Admin would love to make it so the button installed the certificate automatically, but the API that this system runs on doesn’t support that.

Anyway, I’m glad you got it figured out!


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