SSL renew or install automatically?

Hi, it’s time to renew our SSL certificate. Should we click on “Renew” or can we click on “Install SSL certificate automatically” and not make a mess of things?

It may be a BASIC question but I’m new to renewing SSL certificates. Thanks in advance!

You have to renew the certificate, and then you can install the certificate automatically. This is because we do not provide auto-renewing certificates here.


I am confused @wackyblackie

It says under Step 5: verify installation that the SSL issuer is Google Trust Services LLC and the certificate expires on 2022-12-14. But I never asked for an SSL from Google.

The original Let’s Encrypt SSL expires on 2022-11-11. Why is there an SSL issued by Google? (Yes, the new Let’s Encrypt expires on 2022-02-06)

I think that tool reports this because it sees the Cloudflare certificate since your domain is via CF.
Just ignore and continue with the installation (AUTO button).

Although it is not clear to me why you are doing a certificate at all when CF gives you its own…
It only makes sense if you use FULL (strict) mode on CF


@Oxy I verified in CF that it’s FULL (strict) mode. Should I not use FULL (strict)?

You can leave it at full-strict, but it will certainly be easier for you to get a self signed certificate installed, and then switch to Full at CF. For most people on free hosting, that is secure enough.


wackyblackie answered you because I was offline (time difference)

One of the advantages of a self-signed certificate (+ CF) is that it is valid for 10 years and then you don’t have to renew the certificate every now and then.

But okay since I see that you intend to sell something on the site
then full strict mode has more advantages especially when integrating some third-party payment services, etc. into your website.


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