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I’m also one of the many people who’d like to get SSL on their free InfinityFree subdomain so I can use HTTPS on my site. My understanding from reading many threads on this forum is two things:

  1. SSL certificates cannot currently be added to subdomains of any domain (whether own or an InfinityFree subdomain) using the cPanel
  2. Free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt (and all other services which use this) cannot be used for InfinityFree subdomains (e.g. or because there is a rate limit on the number of certificates which are permitted per domain.

Are both of these things correct?

If so, then even if a workaround for 2 is found then 1 will prevent it working anyway.

Or, if 1 is not correct because I’ve not understood properly, then why can’t we use free SSL certificates from other providers (not Let’s Encrypt)?

And even if 2 is correct, why can’t InfinityFree still use the quota set by Let’s Encrypt? We could all put our request for a free SSL certificate in a waiting list and InfinityFree could distribute the certificates based on priority (rules set by them).

Helpful replies welcome - thanks for helping me understand.

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I believe that InfinityFree already do that, I might be wrong.

So do they only do that for paying accounts then? Or if they do it with free accounts how to get on the waiting list?
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I could be wrong but I don’t think the free SSL certificates offered through Infinity Free can be used on subdomains. Both rules, 1 and 2 refer to subdomains not being eligible to use the free SSL from Infinity Free.

You might check the knowledge base (if you haven’t done it already) to see if it offers any clarification.

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Yes, this is true.

This is a limitation of the panel we use. With some minor modifications, the SSL Certificates tool we built can be used to generate wildcard certificates which you can upload to protect your own domain and all it’s subdomains. But the control panel doesn’t accept wildcard certificates and doesn’t let you install certificates on subdomains in any way.

Let’s Encrypt only lets us generate 50 certificates per registered domain (e.g. or per week. In that same period of time, many thousands of subdomains are created. So that’s not really a waiting list, but more like a lottery.

The goal is to just get a wildcard SSL certificate for * and * and install that certificate on all subdomains on all servers and accounts. However, I’m being told that Let’s Encrypt has even more brutal rate limits for wildcard certs, so this is harder than expected.


Thanks @Admin. Since I’m only testing out some hosting which only I will access I think I will try the self-signed certificate route.

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How do I try the self-signed certificate route?

@Stomola, please start your own topic for help with your issue. Check the knowledge base first, you might not need to start a topic :slightly_smiling_face: on that page scroll down to the section HTTPS and SSL it’s the 3rd one down on the left side of that page.

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In Knowledge base it says

We’re currently working on a way to get free SSL on free subdomain as well. But until that option is ready, you cannot get free SSL for free subdomains.


You didn’t say anything about a subdomain :neutral_face: You did help yourself going to the knowledge base, too bad it was bad news :disappointed:

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We’ve stopped offering the self signed certificate months ago. I just noticed the text in the control panel still references it. I’ll ask iFastNet to remove it.

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