SSL Questions

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Website marked as unsafe, cannot remove the self signed SSL.

I’m using this software: CloudFlare, WordPress, cPanel.

Additional information: I need an CloudFlare signed SSL, so I changed my DNS pointing to CloudFlare’s, I’ve already add an SSL but my website still uses the self signed one. I’ve already enabled CloudFlare in cPanel but it’s not working. I need help :confused:

Disable Cloudflare from the cPanel, then go on the DNS section of the Cloudflare dashboard after selecting the domain, ping the Main Domain that you can find on the Control Panel and copy its IP (it should start with 185.27.134). Then create an A record, with as name @ and as value the IP you’ve copied, then a CNAME record with as name www and as value @. Then save the changes and wait for DNS propagation.

Note that:

  • Cloudflare takes up to 24 hours to issue an SSL certificate. Until then, you may see SSL errors.
  • Enabling Cloudflare (either by using their nameservers or our control panel integration) is done by changing your domain’s DNS, and DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere. During that time, you may see an outdated SSL certificate as well.

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