SSL Problems

Hello guys, sorry for interrupting, but i’m making an blog, and at some point I decided to finally get the SSL certificate. Problems:

  • CloudFlare don’t works, no matter how hard I try
  • Wordpress plugins dont help too because .well-known dont works and I even can use nameservers at the same time that I use Freenom DNS(Which allow me to make DNS records). When I activate Freenom DNS, and save the settings, after a while, my website falls saying: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

Tell me, is really possible to get one this days, bacause, All of this InfinityFree limitations are horible sometimes for SSL Certificates, even their SSL Certificates options on the InfinityFree controlpanel is difficult, because I think ssl is case sensivity, and Freenom, when I say this, ‘_acme-challenge’ it will trun ‘_ACME-CHALLENGE’

Asked to peopel in cloudflare about how can I solve this, but so far nothing.

Can anyone help me?

You don’t , nameservers MUST point to and

Explain this one more please.


Sorry for the late reply.

So, when I watched videos about how to have a CloudFlare SSL, they have shown a lot of ways, BUT, the problem was that I couldn’t because gived me an cloudfalre SSL Handshaking Failure error, and after that, all the other domains that I tried, after a point, no matter how hard I tried to make things better, ended up with DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Chrome error, and even deleting the domain and registering it again, the domain is btw, it remains the same.

Videos, online posts, Wordpress plugins, HTTP and DNS methods, NOTHING WORKED. THIS IS SUCH A PAIN JUST TO HAVE A SINGLE CERTIFICATE.

Not a pain, just misfunctioning things :slight_smile:
You might use Flexible ssl encryption in cloudflare to fix the problem.
Those tutorials are correct, but they’ll only work if you set them up correctly.

Next time you should provide your site url tho.

Ok. I will see. Uhh, before I go, can you say to me if there is possible to use .well-known method verification, i tried but I can’t. I make whatever the SSL Certificate makers say to me to do, the file is there, but there is no service that allow me to do that.

If you want to get a Let’s Encrypt certificate, you should use our Let’s Encrypt tool. It uses CNAME records instead of web validation. We wouldn’t go through the effort to build that custom system if a simple web verification would work.

There is one Let’s Encrypt implementation which I know for sure will work for you, which is our Let’s Encrypt implementation.

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I know, and I tried to use, BUT, Freenom, that is the Domain Registrar that I’m using, and DNS provider too, when I try to paste the info and click save, InfinityFree probably is case sensivity and Freenom puts everything in caps-lock, I think that’s why it fails.

pasting what info?

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the _acme-challenge name record and the www_acme-challenge name record on Freenom

You should add those records in the Control Panel and not on Freenom especially if you’re using the InfinityFree nameservers or if you’re using Cloudflare add those CNAME records directly on Cloudflare.


DNS records should be case insensitive, and our validation of them should be too. If that’s not the case, can you please share the domain name so I can check it?

Also, be sure to add the DNS records to the current DNS provider for your domain name. This could be Freenom, but it could also be us, or another provider. But again, I can only check it if I know your domain.


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