SSL problems

My website URL is: I don’t want to say!

What I’m seeing is: that my website SSL is not working anymore altho I created my SSL certificate before 2 days!

I’m using this software:

Additional information: the certificate is not expired, the problem is with my hosting that saves the certificate!

I already have it by using my DNS server on freenom, the problem is that it just got deleted today for some reason and this keep happening all that year, but later it fixes it self.

Wondering what are these reasons? however everything has a clear reason :slight_smile:

so, what it it???

This website is my homework, and I need this problem to be fixed before tomorrow

Which one of the couple of dozen of domains and subdomains you have assigned to your account is the one I should look into?

it keeps deleting the ssl then it fix it self, I don’t want that to happen this week, I’s my turn to start my game with my class
please fix that

I checked this site and it’s using a valid Let’s Encrypt certificates from my end. And this SSL checker agrees with me:

Please try to check your website in private browsing mode as well. Some browsers can cache old, invalid SSL certificates for a long time.

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I done everything, but in sometime in the day the website just loses it’s ssl and after 2 hours it comes back to normal!

Yep, same for me. The SSL change to the default SSL ccasionally. Maybe bug?

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