SSL Problem

I created a subdomain of my domain and I’m trying to install a free SSL certificate from GoGetSSL on Infinityfree’s panel but it’s been hours since I requested a free SSL certificate and yet it’s stuck on pending. Is there any fix to this? I never had this issue before and the main domain has a working SSL but it’s just the subdomain that is stuck on a pending SSL certificate.


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Can you please provide your URL, as well as what part of the process you are stuck on?

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The URL of my subdomain is

I’m stuck on trying to get a free SSL certificate from GoGetSSL on Infinityfree’s platform.

Have you added the CNAME records correctly?

Yes, I have. They are running through Cloudflare with DNS only and the records are marked as “Ready” on the verification page.

Are you given the private key and certificate key in the client area to upload? You may have to click a blue “Show” button.

Nope. The progress is stuck on “pending” for hours and has not provided me with a private key or certificate key.