SSL Problem


Our hosting doesn’t support uploading CA chains. But as you can see on the page, it’s a warning, not an error, and your site will work in all modern browsers.


Why? My password is right!! It was good yesterday!!

Oh no!!
It was more terrible!!!

Did you see this?


Oh…Is there any solution?

You can either wait or upgrade to premium hosting

Can you tell me if the problem solved?

Are the problems solved now?

No. Please follow the pinned topic.

In general: please check the pinned topic. That’s the official announcement where the information will be published. I have no intent to go through dozens of topics to tell people the status individually.

The DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is not related to the outage though. The domain is not assigned to a hosting account right now. Please add it to your account to be able to show a website on it.

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