SSL problem

Hello guys can you help me? I was trying to connect SSL to my website.
I used this menu to make a certificate ( GoGetSSL
After a while, my domain was confirmed and I received Certificat and Privat Key.

Then I went to Cpanel in the SSL tab to insert this data. But it doesn’t work, an error pops up -
The certificate you have entered does not match the current private key.

But how it possible if i receive this data just half hour ago?

I was able to resolve this issue.

In my case, I had an error supposedly with a key.
But, when you change the values ​​(of the key and the certificate in the control panel) Insert text for example Key in the window and click on the button upload the key.

Then repeat the operation with the certificate.

In my case, I copied and pasted the text at once into both windows and pressed the paste key. And for this it did not work since the key value was not saved. and the value of the certificate was saved only.

  1. Copy the text of the private key (paste into the window) click on the save button
  2. Repeat with the certificate text
  3. ssl will work.
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put the private key first then the certificate

When you get your SSL Certificate, you must always upload the Private Key first. After that you upload the actual Certificate, otherwise you will get the error you had.


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