SSL problem with Firefox

Hi, i use SSL from InfinityFree its work good on chrome and edge but firefox say its not secure why?

Domain name?

I see your site secure in Firefox, but it doesn’t show the green lock. It’s the same on my forum site using Firefox, however it does show a green lock when I use Waterfox to visit the site. Your site is secure, see the snip below using Firefox.

The one below that is from a Waterfox browser and does show the green https lock. Put your cursor on the lock when you’re on your site and left click to bring up the small window



Hmm it looks like this to me, I have deleted the cache

I’m not sure why you’re seeing something different, I get the same results as I did yesterday, your site shows as being secure for me. I did go to your site and clicked around on different links to see if anything changed, it always showed https in the URL bar. As far as I can tell your site is secure.

I did check your site with SSL Checker SSL Checker and it shows your site is secure, see the snip below.

You can also test your browser’s SSL implementation at Qualys SSL Labs Qualys SSL Labs Click the second button ‘Test your browser’.

I tested it with different internet connections and on different devices and the Android Firefox shows that the site is not secure

Also on the picture of you from sslshopper you can see the page is not safe in all browsers!

The issue here sounds like the Firefox installation on your Android doesn’t know Let’s Encrypt yet. If you access any Let’s Encrypt site first and then access your site, it should recognize the certificate. For example has Let’s Encrypt.


If you look closer on the picture/results from SSL Checker it says “The certificate is not trusted in all web browsers” It does not say the page/site is not safe. If the certificate is valid for that URL as the other 5 green checks and the server information show, then the site is safe.

You started the thread referring to Firefox, Chrome, and Edge which are typically windows browsers, you didn’t mention Android, all my responses are from a Windows Firefox and Waterfox browser experience.

no i mean i have now tested it with an android firefox but have the same result on windows!

in the end it is so users who visit my site via firefox get a warning :frowning:

@MarcelHH started talking about Android. My bad, that threw me off.

Still, the issue I described is not specifically an issue with Firefox on Android. It could affect all browsers on all devices.


Something has changed since the last time I went to your site yesterday. I was able to copy/paste this URL in my URL address without using an http, https, or www to get to your https SSL site. I could also go there by clicking on the link in your second post, today when I do that, or click the link those are both seen as http and send me to a google page. I had to use https in the URL to go to your site, previously I didn’t have to use an https to get to your site.

Now when I copy and paste your site URL it shows as (, that would be why visitors see an unsecured site message. All of the URL’s on your site must be driven to https, there are a couple knowledge base articles that can help you do that.

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The warning may be because you don’t have a CA chain. But it isn’t supported. And you probably forgot the http to https, as with what @Steve2854 said.

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@MarcelHH Have you done what @Admin suggested in the post quoted below? Please try it and see if it helps.

I did an experiment using browsers I don’t use anymore Edge and IE11 to access my MyBB site which is SSL (my SSL Checker screen is the same as yours showing the certificate is not trusted in all browsers) Both of the browsers I used, Edge and IE11 went to an http version of my site when I typed only the URL. So I followed Admin instructions about going to with each of those browsers, now when I type the URL of my site in the browsers address bar it goes to the https SSL site.


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