SSL Problem (No CName found)

I go to the SSL certificate section in my control panel it shows me Generate CSR/KEY and both box filled with some numbers but the certificate is empty what to do …

Another thing when i click on a link provided in above the boxes
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Now the problem is it says your certificate is added but CNAME record is not found
| Record Name | _acme-challenge |
| Domain | epizy .com |
| Destination | |
| Current Destination | (no CNAME found) |

Where to add the Cname

  1. i visit the cname section on my panel and add the following
    Source: _acme-challenge
    Domain: listspk .epizy .com

again visit the page and nothing happen. can anyone tell me how to do that ?


This may be why:


into the section of SSL i have choose Go Get SSL it shows me the cname to be added i already add that in my control panel.

After that when i press install it shows me that

You need to do this


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