Ssl not working

Hello guys, my problem is with SSL service, I follow the instruction step by step. First, I put the key and upload it, after that I put certificates, and upload it. No message of error shows and everything looks fine, but when I use really simple SSL plugging in my wp, it shows No SSL detected.
I did the same thing over and over again, I watched videos on YouTube for them everything looks fine but not for me i still have no ssl. i use ssl checker also say : No SSL certificates were found on
I follow the guide also but nothing change plz help me.

What’s your website URL?

this is my URL to my website

@coinews I created a word document with the steps for installing an Infinityfree SSL certificate the last time I renewed/installed my SSL certificate, those steps are listed below, I got tired of figuring it out every 90 days. I believe these are the steps I did and it worked for me, I guess I’ll find out in 60 days or so when my existing certificate expires. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Go to the Client Area from the cpanel to request a free SSL key and certificates, select the Free SSL Certificates tab, then click on the domain name yourdomain dot com

On the next screen scroll down to the Create SSL certificate for yourdomain dot com box, on the upper right corner of that box click the Request SSL Certificate button. There will be a message saying the certificate has been requested and will be emailed to you.

The screen will change to View SSL certificates for yourdomain dot com, those two fields (key and certificate) are empty at this time, after the email has been received you should be able to refresh the screen (F5) and see them. You can use those, or the key and certificate in the email to start the SSL certificate install process shown below.

Bring up cpanel, under Security click SSL/TLS, on the next screen under Configure SSL click the Configure button.

Go to either the email, or the View SSL certificates screen (I have two cpanel windows open) to copy and paste the Private Key into the Private Key field on the configure SSL page, click the Upload Key button, then do the same thing with the certificate in the Certificate field.


You do not need to perform this step

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this is what i do everytime but didnt work i will recored a video to show you step by step what i do and you will see what i am talking about.

hi sir Steve . This help me a lot to generate my private key and certificate. Thank you so much for this information. Godbless you more ! Thank you.


I know, but when I renewed/installed mine this last time I did that, so I included it in my notes. I’ve been successful installing the certificate the last 4 or 5 times, but struggle with it a bit. It’d be different if I installed one every couple weeks, but it’s generally 80 days between installs. Having a reference document helps tremendously.

Since mine did install successfully I guess whether you use a CSR key or not doesn’t make any difference. I will line/cross out that step on my word document. I’ve removed that verbiage from my post too, it’s all good :slightly_smiling_face:

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this is the guid i follow and its not working i can show you a video that i recored it you want to see what i did exactly

Please check out my account there is something wrong i am sure i did every setp correctly. just like the guide you sent me sayed . i did it over and over again but nothing happen

Can you please explain at which step of the free SSL process you are right now, and what exactly you’re struggling with? What part of the guide is not clear or not correct? What do you see instead?

I find an other soluction and it worked for me i use cloudflare to my domain then i link it to my server and it worked now my website is secure thank you .

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