SSL not trusted error

I installed an SSL certificate provided by infinity free it is working nicely but it is not trusted when I testing my website in different different browsers I’m getting this error this website is SSL not trusted.
Chrome mobile

Even when I’m implementing Facebook Login into my website and add privacy policy page URL I’m getting this

You must submit a valid Privacy Policy URL in order to be compliant with Facebook Platform. Request failed with error: SSL Error: Can’t validate SSL Certificate. Either it is self-signed (which will cause browser warnings) or it is invalid.

My privacy policy page:-

It seems your SSL certificate fine but you’re using http (not https) to load your assets


Can you tell me more about this

The assets which are loaded for your website are not using HTTPS so you are getting this error.


Like this :
You’re visiting a website using HTTPS
but on your html code tells to load assets using HTTP protocol instead using HTTPS

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Thank you for such info

Hi, this problem has been solved but facebook didn’t accepting my privacy policy page. Any help

Well, this is, last time I checked, InfinityFree, so whatever reason it may be, you should ask facebook, we wouldn’t know!

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And how can I stop browser warnings

If by that you mean ‘Google SafeGuarding’, then it should say.

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