SSL not showing Padloch

Domain name:

IP Address:

URL Tested: (https:domainname)

    • Common Name: cloudflaressl
  • Certificate Valid: from Aug 24,2020 to Aug 24,2021
  • Certificate Issuer: Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3
  • Signature Algorithm : ecdsa-with-SHA256
  • Force HTTPS : Your webserver is forcing the use of SSL.
  • All items called securely!

if i go to http, the site loads but warns with no padlock(not secure)

if i got to https → (shows)

This site can’t provide a secure connection

*** sent an invalid response.


I’ve been tinkering every possible solution but none works so far. console showed no warning or error.

your reply is greatly appreciated.

You need to force https. Read here:

I don’t see any SSL errors like that. Do you still experience this problem?

Testing your domain @UserQuery101 in shows that it has no problems in SSL or any mixed content.

It also works on mine. I think the probable cause were:

  1. Insecure Network Connection (Client Side)
  2. The browser you use may dont accept SNI (older versions)
  3. The browser may not support your current website TLS version

And its rare and unusual problem. :thinking:

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