SSL keeps failing Website keeps going on not secure

Error Message: Not Secure

Your website seems to be working from here, including a fully working Let’s Encrypt certificate. Do you still experience any issues?


It keeps popping up frequently I don’t understand why. When I reinstall the SSL Certificate It later returns back to normal. I’ve experienced this issue for sometime now. Today is when I found the discord. Sorry if my English isn’t straightforward, it’s not my native language.

I’m sorry, I overlooked something when I first checked your post.

When you say the error message is “Not Secure”, are you referring to the little table in your browser’s address bar? Because that doesn’t sound like an issue with the SSL certificate being gone, but rather by you visiting your website over HTTP instead of HTTPS.

I checked your website but there does not seem to be a redirect in place to enforce the use of HTTPS. So while your website is 100% capable of using HTTPS, it’s still possible to not use it.

With WordPress, setting the website URL to use HTTPS should be enough, but that doesn’t seem to work for you. You can also setup a .htaccess rule on your site to force all traffic to HTTPS. And if all of that seems a bit too dangerous, the Really Simple SSL plugin can also help set the right rules for HTTPS.


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