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I gave both the sites a ssl certificate and it says issued. I uploaded the private key and certificate key in the ssl panel. Then the site gets worst… goes from http to https with the big red “not secure”. Also says the ssl certificate is not trusted. Didn’t even know that was possible but it happened to me. Anyone know how to fix this?

Screenshot 2021-04-27 8.23.56 AM

Just make sure you type https:// before the URL

Looks all fine to me.

Some thoughts:

  • What browser and OS are you using? Do you have the same issue on other browsers/devices?
  • Does it work if you try opening the site in private browsing mode (Google Chrome notably caches certificate data)?
  • Can you share a screenshot of the certificate details it shows for you?

I am Using A Chromebook

And Look

And the certificate details are

All the help i get would be incredible and would mean alot, thanks.

Go here:

Right now, there are 2 version of your site. The HTTP one (The one you are looking at) and the HTTPS one (The one myself and Admin are looking at).

If you follow the link above, you will see that it is working perfectly.

Please read this from my guide so you can make sure all visitors get the HTTPS version:

Yes but before i redirect people i want to have the https working. I clicked the link and once again it shows me this:

As you see even with https, it still says not secure. And i never even seen this happen to any site ever… So do you know how to fix this?

Try a different browser or clear your cache. It looks like your using chrome, which does cache certificate data.


I didn’t do anything? I did nothing with control panel or file manager, and i didnt delete the acc… So what is happening!!!

check out this

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Clear your cache, its working fine for me.

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Its not working for me, and I cleared cache

Could it be a Chromebook specific issue? It could be that they are a bit more strict in their SSL implementation than most other operating systems.

Im using windows chromium

Well now my site is working. Thank you everyone so much for the help :slight_smile:

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