SSL issues

I tried to make SSL certificate for my website
but when i install all the files and make everything
it says:

Please help i used and I made what i had to make.

I checked your website and it doesn’t have any custom SSL installed on it right now. Can you please try to upload your SSL again?

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I did apply a self signed SSL all things are now OK.
I wanted to ask you how could I apply certificate from cloudflare?

Cloudflare automagically installs SSL on their system. There is nothing you need to do for that.

If you’re referring to Origin Certificates, they are not supported on free hosting. But you can use “Full” SSL mode instead of “Full (strict)” mode to get an encrypted connection for the whole trip.

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How to connect my domain to cloudflare and put SSL?

Just sign up to Cloudflare and follow their setup instructions?

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I did and I have to apply their DNS to my domain.

Yes, you understand it well. What is your question exactly?

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How do I connect my domain to cloudflare without changing my nameservers?

You can use the Cloudflare integration in our control panel instead. However, note that this integration has issues, like breaking subdomains and email.

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Ok but how do I use it to add my domain to my cloudflare account?

You just enable the control panel integration and you’re done. It sets up everything for you, the DNS settings, the Cloudflare account and your settings in Cloudflare.

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Ok but how to add trusted SSL certificate?

Add a trusted SSL certificate where? Cloudflare creates and installs a free SSL certificate on their systems, and that’s all you need.

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How I get ssl

You can only get SSL if you’re using a paid domain, and not a free subdomain.

If you have a paid domain name, then you can enable SSL using CloudFlare. I recommend the following guide:


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