SSL Issue

Bro i have issue i applied for ssl certificate and changed cname…
Now the site is not working but before that it was working correctly…
It shows domain name…
My site link:

Plz help me

Your website is working fine over HTTPS for me @Retech

See How to force all traffic to HTTPS


Now this issue showing

The domain isn’t assigned to a hosting account (anymore). Please add it to a hosting account again to show a website on it.


Sir now i have applied ssl certificate and site is working perfect but one issue still…
at http the site logo is available…
But when using https the site logo disappeared…
What to do now
My site link

Mixed content !

when you use HTTPS then all the resources you call must go through that protocol

means not via HTTP but via HTTPS


Screenshot 2022-06-25 110525

And that code is repeated in various pages

It would be better not to have a public dir

Screenshot 2022-06-25 111504

rather than having all the files from it put to root (keep the files structure that is inside that dir)

root = htdocs folder

so index.php is called when someone types just this into the browser

Note: complications are possible if the public dir is hardcoded somewhere in the path of your code.

In addition, it would be desirable to create a .htaccess file
in the htdocs folder (or edit existing if you have it in the public folder after you move the files)
so that no one can dig through the contents of your directories.

# Disable Directory Listings in this Directory and Subdirectories
Options -Indexes

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