SSL issue with cloudflare

Hi guys,
I have just recently installed a free IF ssl and connected my website to cloudflare and as per few articles by the admin himself i had followed the steps but there is still an issue with my website. Sometimes it shows redirected too many time, sometimes it shows ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR error and sometimes it shows ssl error.

My site url:

My cloudflare settings are:
Always use HTTPS- ON
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites- OFF

I have even installed Really simple ssl plugin but still doesnt help.

please guys help me with this im very new to this. If needed i would even give access to my wordpress site and cloudflare.

Thanks in advance


Everything appears to be working fine for me. Do you still get the same errors if you use a different device?


Screenshot 2023-12-19 194540

when you scroll down a bit to load all the pictures

it happens that you have several HTTP requests that later redirect to the HTTPS version
but that is enough for the browser to mark the website as mixed content.

Visible during the first loading (depending on the browser) - after refreshing, the images are already in the cache and via https, so then you don’t see the exclamation mark on the padlock icon for mixed content.

When HTTPS is used, all resources should be requested via the HTTPS protocol and not via HTTP.


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