SSL Issue (While connecting with CFlare & Using Wordpress

Hello Gentleman peoples,

1: I connected my domain to InfinityHost
2: Installed WordPress through Softaculous when it was pointed successfully to infinity NameServers.
3: Later I added my domain into the CloudFlare account and changed my Domain name servers.
4: After waiting a few hours, as my nameserver would have added to CloudFlare Successfully.

So after all process, I tested my site but I can only see HTTPS “Secure lock icon” while loading my WordPress site but after that, it is normal as “HTTP” but URL still as “HTTPS”

Second, when I try to add any page/post it shows me Wordpress (Screenshot Below) Error. so I retested again removing Cloudflare nameserver from domain and add back Infinity nameservers, then no error.

1- Whats this problem on wordpress after connecting to CloudFlare for SSL.
2- How to use properly cloudflare service on Softaculous, to have SSL Icon.

Note: i can see HTTPS Secure Lock Icon, on HTML but not in Wordpress

You may need to install the “Really Simple SSL” plugin from the WordPress dashboard in order to have a fully-secured website with HTTPS.

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okay i shall try but what about the “Error” which is shown in screenshot above

Note: I am using Cloud Flare’s Free Services/SSL

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