SSL Installed but not found/active

Website URL

Error Message

It shows that its installed but it s not found or active since yesterday, i left it for a whole day to reset but it doesnt want to apply

Other Information

I dont have a CNAME record on DNS records i dont know why , i got only two A records

It’s working.

Try flush your browser cache (which includes ssl caches) by hitting Ctrl + F5, or use incognito mode.

Proof? Like a screenshot so we can see it?


Interesting, but your ssl certificate is indeed active.
Please try the method I gave you above first.

I assume that the client area is simply not updated.


But i did clear my cache and used CTRL +F5 , and used even another browser (Edge) still showing not secure

Can you please screenshot the error?

I can’t see that imgur link you posted.



Hi there,

Unfortunately I cannot recreate the same issue — your website works perfectly with ssl, all the tools I got also said the same.

The only issue I had spotted is that while works, doesn’t. Could you please try removing the domain from your hosting account, then add it back, regenerate or simply reinstall the old cert, then follow this guide to move your site:


Why do you have A records set in the IF panel? If IF is your DNS zone provider, you don’t need to do that (and it may actually cause issues later depending on how the system is setup).


The DNS records shown in the client area is what’s configured for your domain. However, due to bugs or issues, it’s possible that this sometimes doesn’t match what’s actually published on your domain.

I’m sure that whatever issue you were having would have been easy to solve. But I see you’ve deleted your domain and changed the nameservers, so there is nothing we can do for you now.


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