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hi everyone - am trying to install a namecheap SSL certificate in the SSL control panel. The key and the CRT are saving but the CSR is not registering. When I insert all 3 and click “upload certificate” it refreshes the page but nothing happens. When I then visit the site I am getting a self-signed SSL error message. Essentially it seems that infinityfree isn’t registering My namecheap CSR. It also doesn’t say anything is installed when I go to the SSL page in the control panel (it says “configure” even though I have already entered all 3 requirements and clicked the “upload certificate” button). Any ideas on how to proceed?

Hi and welcome to the forum! There is no need to upload the CSR - and there is no button to upload one as you already used that to issue the certificate; you can just upload the private key by pasting it in and clicking on “Upload Key”, then upload the certificate by pasting that in and clicking on “Upload Certificate”. Afterwards you’ll probably need to wait a day, use incognito mode after you waited for a while or change browser for the new certificate to be detected.


Try using an SSL checker tool like SSL Checker to validate that your certificate has been uploaded correctly.

The following article may also help you:


The response I am getting from SSL checker et al is that the certificate is self-signed. Any ideas on how to proceed?

Re-install the one you want installed, you must have overidden it when you created the self signed one.


I never created a self-signed certificate. I have a namecheap SSL and I am inputting the CSR from there.

Unfortunately when I click “Upload Certificate” the page refreshes but nothing registers. When I go back to check if the SSL is visible for the domain, it still says “Configure”. Any ideas?

What is the domain?


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The domain is

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The certificate your site is using seems indeed to be self-signed by a “Spotless Inc.”.

Can you post the certificate code of the “namecheap SSL” you have in Certificate Decoder - Decode certificates to view their contents and share the details with us? Should look something like this:


was using a self-signed certificate. My fault on that. Here is the check on the correct cert. I am still having the same issue where it won’t register.


alright, it registered as per Me uploading the correctly signed cert and is working now. Feel free to close the thread.


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