SSL handshake failed

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SSL handshake failed Error code 525

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What is the SSL mode?


let encrypt

I just checked your site, and now it says “Error 1016: Origin DNS error”. That’s usually the result of bad DNS settings at Cloudflare. Can you please show us a screenshot of the records set up for that subdomain?

Regarding the SSL handshake error, it either means that:

  • You are using Full SSL mode (any version), and the SSL certificate is missing, invalid or expired.
  • You are using Full (strict) SSL mode, but the certificate installed is not from a trusted SSL provider.

Please also note that:

  • Having a certificate and using the certificate are not the same. Please make sure the right certificate is installed on your site.
  • Every domain and subdomain needs it’s own certificate. So to use, you’ll need to have an SSL certificate for Having one for is not enough.

And just to be clear, “SSL Mode” is a Cloudflare setting: Encryption modes · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs


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