SSL handshake failed - Error 525

User: epiz_25935246 , Main Domain: Custom Domain:

Error Message

Hi im a new user here, Can you please help with my error, i tried my best to look for other error fixes in this forum but still not fixed…
My page showing error “Error 525 - SSL handshake failed” when i open my connected custom domain. But when i typed “just with HTTP” its working and goes to “hello world page with my wordpress” i couldnt login to wordpress with this HTTP with wp-login bcoz its redirecting to this url - “Errors 404”

So far this is what i did,

  1. I set the epizy name servers in my registrar.

  2. Set the CNAME in my registrar, vista panel and also in cloudflare.

  3. Set DNS “A Records” with my domain pointed to main domain in my cloudflare DNS records.

  4. My cloudflare details

  • SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full
  • Always Use HTTPS → OFF

I have also removed the domain and added back, but still its the same.
Please help with my errors here…

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Needs to be set to flexible to work.


Full Mode won’t work if you use a Cloudfare certificate, not your own certificate. I would suggest you to enable Always use HTTPS and change to Flexible mode.

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Hey there. You used other nameservers other than InfinityFree. To fix the issue caused by setting SSL/TLS encryption mode, you need to have a SSL certificate in your VistaPanel other than CloudFlare.
To sum it up, you will have to establish 2 SSL certificates, one for the origin(InfinityFree) & one for the CloudFlare(its already given).

This will solve this issue.

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It works thankyou so much :heart_eyes:

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Okay ill try use Always HTTPS also, thankyou so much :heart_eyes:

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There is two name servers, one from infinity and cloudflare… Okay now i understand the reason why it says not secured even though cloudflare auto gen SSL on the domain. thankyou so much :heart_eyes: . Will try now !

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Can you tell me why free SSL telling “No CNAME records could be found on the subdomain” even though i added the CNAME in registrar, vistapanel and also in cloudflare…

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It takes up to 24 - 48 hours until your new CNAME records will fully propagate worldwide.

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You need to wait for it.

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Thankyou , ill wait

Thankyou , ill wait. :heart:

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