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Hello forum, I want a free SSL certificate for my subdomain but I cant issue one like, I tried but it didn’t work. Can anyone help?

SSL Certificate issued only for paid domains.

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Try 100% Work!
Check this post:
New Feature: Free SSL for own domains! - #8 by Alizor

I tried but I can’t create email of host master.

No! Choose DNS and add CNAME record. After 5 minutes, you should get certificate code.

SSL on subdomains is not officially supported at this time. As a consequence of another bug, it is possible to install SSL certificates on subdomains now, but this may change at some point without warning and without fix. Be careful before you rely on bug behavior.


Hi @Admin, just to confirm that I’ve understood your post correctly: currently SSL is not available on subdomains - whether free (provided by Infinityfree) or on subdomains that are owned by the user.

Is that right?

That is correct. The control panel does not support setting up CNAME records or installing SSL certificates on subdomains added through the Subdomains menu.


the email goes down now. freessl space no longer does the email job.

here the origional webpage which replaces freessl space…
well… still thats a bug dont reply on it too much alizor im here just to fix up the link for you

infinityfree subdomains are blocking bots ive tried cname records doesnt work…

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